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Honda Elysium 2001

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Honda Elysium 2001
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General Information
Category Maxi-scooter 
Model Year 2001  
Manufacturer Honda  vs 7.7% Scooters have Honda
Model # Elysium 
Number of riders 2 persons 
Engine and transmission
Engine Type 4 Cylinders, 4-stroke, Inline  vs 0.2% Scooters have 4 cylinders 4-stroke Inline
Gear box Automatic  vs 35.5% Scooters have Automatic
750 cc (45.83 cubic inches)
155.74 cc

594.26 cc higher than average. Engine displacement is the volume inside the cylinders of an engine. The larger the engine displacement is, the more powerful the scooter usually is.
Engine mounting Transverse  vs 90.6% Scooters have Transverse
Most scooter engines are transverse mounted.
Sparks per cylinder 1  
Clutch Centrifugal Clutch  vs 1.4% Scooters have centrifugal clutch
Starter Electric 
Electric starters have a push button, or use a key turn to get the engine started.
Cooling system Water Cooled  vs 45.9% Scooters have Water cooled
Fuel supply system Fuel Injection  vs 38.8% Scooters have Fuel injection
Final drive Sprocket  vs 5.8% Scooters have Sprocket
Ignition Type Tci (transistor Controlled Ignition) 
Valves per cylinder

0.24 higher than average.
Valve train Sohc, Variable  vs 51.4% Scooters have SOHC variable
Suspension, Chassis and Brakes
Brake Disk  vs 17.6% Scooters have Disk
Suspension Mono Shock, Mono Arm  vs 30.5% Scooters have mono shock Mono arm
ABS available No  vs 96.1% Scooters don't have ABS available
ABS (anti-lock braking system), prevents the brakes from locking when applied under constant pressure, by pulsating.  ABS allows for more control while braking.

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